What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Kelly Morse

This week your baby is learning guile,

wears a homespun vernix jumpsuit.

It is the size 
of one night.

Your baby weighs the same as the box you've carried

unopened through three moves.

This week your baby is growing webbing. Maybe.

When you lie on your left side it starts digging to China.

This week your baby misses Cheers.

The eyes patrol its head like a whale, but that's only temporary.

It's week_____and your baby still doesn't know you exist.

Your baby weighs the same as a sock full of quarters.

It practices finding the seam in your uterus.

Shine a flashlight through your abdomen and watch it jump,

Hup to, little jarhead, hup to.

It is now the size of "yes." This varies from woman to woman.

This week the baby's shadow self is forming.

It likes the taste of marigold heads eaten whole.

This week your baby begins its first kicks. Even now

it is preparing to run.